TCS is a powder coating production company located in North Brabant. TCS is using Sams as main ERP and planning system.. The flow of information is now visible from receiving the orders up to packing, delivery and invoicing

TCS is using the full ERP components set enriched with the scheduling module for a complete solution.

Planning powder coating solution requires a different view on the production line: a the line is sequential, the optimization must be done on the racking system. The main questions is what orders will be served and in which sequence for the maximal usage of the machines. While expected delivery date is a main KPI, the resource availability and machine downtime could be used as secondary KPI’s.

The accountant is using the application by generating Draft invoices that are automatically send to customers. Samsa integrates with Exact for the financial administration.

Samsa reporting is used to generate work orders, packing slips and invoices with custom templates.

KPI’s are used to manage the flow of orders in the factory. Special KPI’s for line show the level of used capacity making it easy to identify any bottlenecks.

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