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Dealing with the potential clients is, for everybody, a complex task which should be done day by day in order to generate our sales leads which will pay everybody’s pay checks. We need here to face different situations like:

  • dealing with a specific database which is not the same as the company uses for its common operations;
  • the potential supplier date is slightly different from the usual supplier database because we need to permanently increase the sold items in order to increase the sales;
  • the-follow ups to all previous made offers should be done at an exact timing meaning the offer issuers should perform the follow-up to each offer at a precise time because the client may forgot about our previous offer if we will wait for them to call us back;
  • the orders or the tickets sent by our customers should follow a precise path in order to produce their effects – meaning we need to describe the exact recipe of each process in our company whether is delivery or customer care;
  • we need also to know exactly what each of us should do everyday and the most important is to report how the processes in which anyone was involved was solved after all. In this area we we will need to know exactly who is in charge for each stage of the process and to be triggered by its colleagues when he/she should be involved in the process;
  • we need also to know when an offer will become an contract – due to the offer acceptance by our clients – and who will be in charge for the next steps of contract execution – meaning buying, warehouse, preparation for delivery, invoicing, going live;

This would be all for now – regarding order management. For more information feel free to contact us at info@samsasoftware.nl!

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