Ordertapp is a Crowd based logistics solution that aims for Same-day delivery. Working within a very complex environment, Ordertapp tries to manage a fleet of drivers (and vehicles) and match them for dynamic routes (delivery and pick-up) based on their capacity.

How is all works:

Customers (like webshops) send their orders (pickup or delivery)

Planners (auto-plan) use Samsa to create dynamic Routes for the orders.

Drivers receive the suggested routes and can accept or deny them. If accepted, then the route is assigned to this vehicle. Samsa will then manage this a transport order. Drivers are using the Samsa mobile app.

Clients are then informed real-time about the delivery moments through Email/Mobile notificaitons. Interaction with the driver is done through the Samsa mobile app.

Samsa reporting is used to emails and invoices with custom templates.

Planning is done based on main KPI’s like:

-Orders delivered on time compared with orders submitted

-Kilometers per order is a planning KPI – Samsa uses algorithms for smart route calculations (using multi Dijkstra)



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