This company based in Romania is using Samsa to manage their internal human resources and the internal fleet. The local transportation company has a challenge planning multiple lines as a rolling shift for a weekly pattern. Difficult HR rules, makes it a complex allocation of resources with required qualification for the specific local transportation lines.

How is all works:

Planners (auto-plan) use Samsa to create the shifts and roll them out as patterns for different lines.

Employees can submit their shift preferences, leaves request and holiday plan. Based on this and combined with the specific HR rules regarding maximum working hours (per day and per week) the auto-plan generates a suggestive plan that contains minimum amount of conflicts. The Planner then can resolve the conflicts: allocation external people, removing shifts, changing allocations, etc.

Employees can then look at their allocation on the Samsa Mobile App.

Planning is done based on main KPI’s like:

-Minimal conflits

-Total allocated shifts

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