Cuibono This is a Media and Marketing company based in Germany that uses Samsa for their internal offers, orders, project and financial planning. Offers are managed from the initiation part. Once an offer is accepted, contracts can then be generated and respective projects can be started. The full financial invoicing plan is then per project


ILC ILC, International Language Centre, is sinds 1990 gevestigd in Waalwijk en is een taleninstituut gespecialiseerd in het verzorgen van taal- en cultuurtrainingen. ILC richt zich op de ontwikkeling van mondelinge en schriftelijke taalvaardigheden in meer dan 25 talen. How is all works: Planners use Samsa to manage the customers (CMS) and their orders (order

Waste Smart logistics

Waste Smart logistics This company based in Romania is using Samsa to manage waste collection. Using Samsa they are able to maintain an overview of their internal fleet, trying to manage in real-time the delivery points. While standard schedules per region and streets are allocated to the daily pattern, dynamic intervention can be done real-time.


Samsa offers technical support for implementing E-health enterprise solutions: protocol support and applied solutions: – Supporting an integral enterprise environment and providing technical solutions for new standards like MedMij and Koppeltaal. – Implementing proof of concepts and test environments – Helping Architect the new dutch health ecosystem as part of Milesahed and SamenBeter team


Ordertapp is a Crowd based logistics solution that aims for Same-day delivery. Working within a very complex environment, Ordertapp tries to manage a fleet of drivers (and vehicles) and match them for dynamic routes (delivery and pick-up) based on their capacity. How is all works: Customers (like webshops) send their orders (pickup or delivery) Planners


Supporting Quintiq implementations for Technical Implementations. Samsa has offered Technical support for a large amount of projects in aviation, automotive and logistics especially on the complex enterprise solutions and integrations with different systems. Samsa offers BC, TC level 5 and QS level 5 support as part of different Quintiq implementations as Quintiq partner.

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